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LAMLondon After Midnight (band)
LAMLook at Me
LAMLeave A Message
LAMLaboratoire d’Astrophysique de Marseille (French: Astrophysics Laboratory of Marseille)
LAMLandscape Architecture Magazine (American Society of Landscape Architects)
LAMLetters in Applied Microbiology (publication; Society for Applied Microbiology)
LAMLand Administration and Management
LAMLaguna Art Museum (Laguna Beach, CA)
LAMLactational Amenorrhea Method
LAMLocal Area Multicomputer
LAMLiquid Apogee Motor (spacecrafts)
LAMLibraries, Archives and Museums
LAMLege Artis Medicinae (Hungarian medical journal)
LAMLimited Area Model
LAMLicensed Application Module
LAMLobe Access Module
LAMLord Almighty
LAMLos Alamos Airport
LAMLimited Area Model (meteorology)
LAMLocation-Allocation Model (statistics)
LAMLarge Amplitude Motion (chemical physics)
LAMLaboratoire d'Analyses Médicales (French: Medical Analysis Laboratory)
LAMLaser Aiming Module
LAMLeft-Arm Medium (cricket; also seen as LM)
LAMLand Attack Missile
LAMLife Action Ministries (Buchanan, MI)
LAMLampre - Daikin (Tour de France cycling sponsor)
LAMLaughing At Myself
LAMLong Ass Meeting
LAMLouisiana Maneuvers
LAMLocal Area Mobility
LAMLatin America Monitor (various locations)
LAMLocal Area Model
LAMLithuanian Academy of Music and Theater (Vilnius, Lithuania)
LAMLagardere Active Media (France)
LAMLinhas Aéreas de Moçambique, Mozambique (ICAO code)
LAMLook Ahead Meeting
LAMLinea Ad Alta Mobilità (Italian)
LAMLongitudinal Acoustic Mode
LAMLaunch Abort Motors (US NASA Orion spacecraft)
LAMLearner Approved Motorcycle
LAMCenter for Lasers and Plasmas for Advanced Manufacturing (Old Dominion University)
LAMLoiter/Attack Missile
LAMLobe Attachment Modules
LAMLarge Array Memory
LAMLarge Aperture Module (laser)
LAMLiberalium Artium Magister (Latin: Master of Liberal Arts)
LAMLight Attack Munitions (gaming)
LAMLaunch Alert Message
LAMLocale Apparato Motore (Italian: Engine's Room)
LAMLocal Acceptance Mask (computer networking)
LAMLocal Asset Manager
LAMLocal Analog Memory
LAMLauncher Action Message
LAMLocal Authority Mortgage
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Govindan, "A capacitated location-allocation model for flood disaster service operations with border crossing passages and probabilistic demand locations," Mathematical Problems in Engineering, vol.
Barzinpour and Esmaeili [27] suggested a location-allocation model with the objective of maximizing cumulative coverage of population and of minimizing total cost using goal programming.
[62] suggested a bilevel location-allocation model for route selection and demand allocation for the shelters.
As an example, Shavandi and Mahlooji (2006) presented a fuzzy location-allocation model for congested systems.
A queuing minimal response time location-allocation model is formulated with a heuristic method in Section 4.
Shavandi and Mahlooji [20] combined fuzzy theory and queuing method to develop a maximal covering location-allocation model. Galvao and Morabito [21] applied the hypercube queuing model to solve probabilistic location problems in the emergency service system.
A number of theories and models are available for managers to use when it comes to locating a shopping centre - with perhaps the most advanced of these being the location-allocation model, which is especially effective when used in conjunction with field analysis.
The goal of fuzzy facility location-allocation model (17) is to choose at which location to open facilities and how to assign the commodities from facilities to customers such that the credibility is maximized that the total expected cost of opening and operating facilities do not exceed some given value [c.sub.0].
Another extension of Hotelling's approach is the location-allocation model. The allocation of customers is made by the Hotelling's proximity assumption.
(1) All three classic location-allocation models seek to site facilities to alleviate poor accessibility in remote rural areas and thus yield some overlapping results.
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