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LCKLock (street type)
LCKLymphocyte-Specific Protein-Tyrosine Kinase
LCKLock File
LCKLibrary Construction Kit
LCKLicense Key
LCKLanguage Construction Kit (gaming software)
LCKLim Chu Kang (Singapore)
LCKLai Chi Kok (Hong Kong)
LCKLens Cleaning Kit (cameras)
LCKLibrary Construction Kit (Microsoft)
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Other advanced functions contain hide or lock file, folder or disk, record duration of computer idle time.
"Lazarus Group, also known as Hidden Cobra and Guardians of Peace, used WannaCry to exploit a flaw in Windows operating systems to lock files on computers and demand a ransom, payable in Bitcoin," she said.
Using Securer Folders, you can compartmentalize files that will make them accessible only to you - you can lock files using a pattern, a PIN or a biometric authentication system.