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LISLocation Information Server
LISLow Income Subsidy (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services)
LISLegislative Information System (Virginia General Assembly)
LISLaboratory Information System
LISLove Inspired Suspense
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LISLingua Italiana Dei Segni (Italian)
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LISLaboratory of Intelligent Systems
LISLightning Imaging Sensor
LISLibrary and Information Service
LISLaughing Inside
LISLogical IP Subnetwork
LISLine in the Sand
LISLibrary Information System
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LISLibrary Information Systems
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LISLandmine Impact Survey
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LISLibrary Instruction Services (University of Texas at Austin)
LISLaser Isotope Separation
LISLocal Installation Source (computer files)
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LISLoad Interrupter Switch
LISLibyan Internet Society
LISLocal Interstellar Space
LISLeven Is Strijd (Dutch: Life Is Struggle)
LISLipoxygenase Inhibitor Screening
LISLoss Input Signal (telcom)
LISLogicomm Internet Solutions
LISLoss Information System (insurance)
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The striking results overturn my own theory that people with complete locked-in syndrome are not capable of communication," says Niels Birbaumer, a neuroscientist at Switzerland's Wyss Center for Bio and Neuroengineering, who co-led the study.
Locked-in syndrome is usually caused by pontine infarction after prolonged vertebrobasilar ischaemia.
Some years ago I visited the home of Tony Nicklinson, who also had locked-in syndrome.
Now, 18 months on, her family, from Haydon Road, have been told Eve suffers from a form of locked-in syndrome whereby she understands everything that is going on but on the outside she cannot move, other than to blink or smile.
Locked-in syndrome sufferer Tony Nicklinson lost his High Court battle for the legal right to end his life with a doctor's help.
A second victim of locked-in syndrome, known only as Martin, 47, also lost his challenge to the legal ban on assisted dying.
None of us had ever heard of locked-in syndrome," says Neil, 47, who has now given up his garage-door business to care for his wife.
Hit film, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, is based on the 1997 autobiography of French journalist Jean-Dominique Bauby, who had Locked-In Syndrome.
Locked-in syndrome may result from a coma or motor-neuron disease or other disorders, leaving the patient unable even to blink an eye.