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LGLife's Good
LGLife's Good (electronics company, Japan, Asia)
LGLittle Girl
LGLady Gaga (musician)
LGLocal Government
LGLandgericht (German court)
LGLiebe Grüße (german chat closing like "cheers" or "CU")
LGLeft Guard (football)
LGLargo (Portuguese postal usage)
LGLet Go
LGLittle Giant
LGLumen Gentium (Light of the Nations; Second Vatican Council)
LGLuxair (Luxembourg, IATA airline code)
LGLanding Gear
LGLiquid Generation
LGLieutenant Governor
LGLa Grange (Texas)
LGLuxury Goods
LGLondon Gazette (London, UK)
LGLandesgericht (Court of Justice; Austria, Europe)
LGLower Ground (floor)
LGLow German
LGLand Grab (online game)
LGLesbian and Gay
LGLogistics Group
LGLaser Guided
LGLine Group (Alcatel)
LGLife Guards (A British Regiment)
LGLinux Gazette (computing)
LGLiquid Gas (energy source)
LGLightning Gun
LGLiving Greyhawk (RPGA run Dungeons and Dragons Living Campaign)
LGLawful Good (gaming)
LGLois Griffin (Family Guy character)
LGLevel Gauge
LGLower Gastrointestinal
LGLightguide (optical fibre)
LGLittle Gamers (comic strip)
LGLeft Gaze
LGLockwood Greene
LGLanding Ground
LGLetter of Guarantee (legal document)
LGLiar Game (Japanese drama)
LGLateral Gastrocnemius (muscles)
LGBinary Logarithm (Base 2)
LGLos Gatos, CA, USA
LGLady of the Garter
LGLocation Gateway
LGLight of Latgale (Latvia)
LGLinguistic Geometry
LGLower Garage
LGLicensed Geologist
LGLanding Group
LGDCS/Logistics (USAF)
LGLucky Goldstar Corporation (South Korea)
LGLethal Ghosts (gaming clan)
LGLiter Gena (Slovak underground music band)
LGLip-Of-Gutter (surveying)
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He joined CH2M HILL Lockwood Greene in 2006 after 21 years on the client side, working for Genentech, Merck, and Becton Dickinson.
Burdened by the costs of its manual procurement processes, Lockwood Greene sought to have its staff less focused on data entry.
Having the Lockwood Greene stamp of approval on the sites gives them credibility with industry decision-makers, officials said.
He was working as a logistics and industrial consulting manager for Lockwood Greene Engineers in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1996 when Jim Allred, president of Eskay, approached him and suggested he come back to the systems side of the industry.
Albert Schafer was named business development manager at PSP Lockwood Greene.
Three executives at Lockwood Greene Engineers, Elliott Goldberg, director of environmental services, Maung Min, senior environmental engineer; and Michael Luciano, manager of the Newspaper Division, compiled this information.
Now it is time to make that focus grow," adds Burt Young, director of food and beverage for the engineering firm of Lockwood Greene (www.
Lockwood Greene Engineers is responsible for the design of the building's electrical/mechanical systems and Severud Associates is designing the structural system.
This lists was prepared by the Goldberg/Min/Luciano team at Lockwood Greene Engineers.
I think the food and beverage market started the year strong, then hit some mid-year doldrums, but it looks like they're going to end the year strong," says Burt Young, director of Food and beverage in the Cincinnati office of Lockwood Greene Engineering & Construction.