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LOCUSLevel of Care Utilization System (mental illness)
LOCUSLogic for Concurrency and Synchronisation (book)
LOCUSLaboratory for Ocean Color Users
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LOCUS uses secure identifiers for each trip, incorporates GPS style voice guidance to direct passengers to the correct vehicle, provides autonomous vehicle identification, destination, pick-up point, civic message capabilities, as well as driver emergency and medical alert notifications.
Post the Amazon deal in 2012, Locus Robotics, a spinoff of a warehouse firm, decided to build its own robots.
Locus of control is presented as an overall score, with a minimum 5 and maximum 25.
Locus Biosciences is using CRISPR-Cas3 technology to target antibiotic resistant infections without risks associated with targeting human cells.
Four types of methylation patterns were revealed by MSAP technique: Type I locus with same length of amplified fragments in both MspI and HpaII lanes, indicating no methylation modification of a 5'-CCGG-3' locus; Type II locus displaying an amplified band after restriction with HpaII but not after restriction with MspI, representing outer methylation of single-stranded DNA (hemi-methylation locus); Type III locus showing an amplified band after restriction with MspI but not after restriction with HpaII, indicating inner methylation of double-stranded DNA (fully methylated locus) (Lu et al.
Results: Results depict that there was significant positive correlation between emotional intelligence (EI), including its sub scales Emotional Self-Regulation Skills (ESRS), Emotional Self Awareness Skills (ESAS), and Interpersonal Skills Scale (ISS) with the Internal Health Locus of Control (IHLOC).
Nucleotide sequence alignment led to the identification of 4 sequence types at locus CYC3, 10 at locus CYC13, 2 at locus CYC15, 8 at locus CYC21, and 4 at locus CYC22 (online Technical Appendix Table 2).
An aptitude relevant to control the excess of outcomes is called Locus of Control.
In this book, author Stephen Nowicki presents readers with an in-depth examination of locus of control as an evolving concept, and its impact in a variety of contexts.
16 September 2015 - US-based solar photovoltaic performance monitoring and data analytics provider Locus Energy has been acquired by energy monitoring data and intelligence specialist Genscape, the company said.
Michael Herzig, CEO at Locus Energy, said, 'Locus' strong growth is a testament to our focus on the solar market, and meeting its evolving needs in terms of distributed fleet management at scale.