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LCLLess than Container Load
LCLLe Crédit Lyonnais (France)
LCLLateral Collateral Ligament
LCLLight Center Length
LCLLoblaw Companies Limited (food retailer; Canada)
LCLLossless Codec Library
LCLLower Confidence Limit
LCLLower Control Limit
LCLlymphoblastoid cell line
LCLLoeb Classical Library
LCLLifted Condensation Level (meteorology)
LCLLongitudinal Conversion Loss
LCLLibrary Computer Lab (various schools)
LCLLiving the Country Life (magazine)
LCLLife-Cycle Logistics
LCLLateral Canthal Line
LCLLazarus Component Library
LCLLess than Car Load
LCLLink Connect Liquid
LCLLos Cuarenta Ladrones (Spanish: The Forty Thieves; comics)
LCLLorentz Casimir Lyceum (Eindhoven, Netherlands high school)
LCLLunar Cargo Lander
LCLLiberal and Country League (Australia)
LCLLove Comes Later
LCLLow Carbohydrate Lager (beer)
LCLLatching Current Limiter
LCLLan Clan Leipzig (German gaming clan)
LCLLowest Charge Level (medical billing)
LCLLanding Craft Logistic
LCLLeft Collateral Ligament
LCLLinear-Conjugate-Linear (receiver)
LCLLabour Congress of Liberia
LCLLong Continuous Load (electrical load schedules)
LCLLouisville Cardinals for Life
LCLLasting Customer Loyalty
LCLLocal Control Level
LCLLa Costa Limousine (Carlsbad, CA)
LCLLocal Checklist
LCLLow Calorie Lager (beer)
LCLLoose Control Lager (beer)
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Of special interest are new editions of Isocrates, one in three volumes for the Loeb Classical Library and another published in the University of Texas's Oratory of Classical Greece series.
For decades, the Loeb Classical Library published watered-down versions of Greek and Roman texts, only to reverse itself after the 1960s and put back in the dirty words of Aristophanes and others.
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