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LOGSMLog Sample (oil production)
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The tags provide convenience to collect and log sample collection information using a smart device and app, and immediately upload field sample data.
Four additional variables are considered as controls within the regression analysis: impact factor of the journal in which the article was published, country sampled within the analysis, cross-sectional versus panel data collection methods, and the log sample size.
In general, the variances of log average biomass, [m[prime].sub.j], depends on the variance of the log total biomass of the sample, [b[prime].sub.j], and the variance of the log sample size, [n[prime].sub.j].
The auto log sample, with variable times from 1 minute to 2 hours, is user-settable from the unit setup screen.
6b) were linearly related to the gravimetric MC of the whole log sample. The relationship is clear, especially during early stages of air-drying.
These observations on the small log sample used in the present study are in accordance with the findings of Berglund et al.
The groove is used to measure the rake angle of the defect as it penetrates into the log sample and can be seen in Figure 1.
There was a significant drop in average value of $258/MBF lumber tally (2005 prices) from the control to the wormy log sample. In this study, value loss occurred primarily because of the presence of blue stain in lumber that would otherwise have produced the higher value Factory grades (e.g., Shop, Moulding).
Figure 5 illustrates the relationship between acoustic velocity for Southern pine log batches (10 percentile groups from log sample) and the average ultrasound propagation time (UPT) of veneer peeled from the logs.
Table 1 gives a breakdown for each log sample of observed defect counts, detected defect counts, falsely identified defect counts, and missed defect counts.
The maximum amount of sweep measured either in the butt, middle, or top sawlog section determined the category of a tree-length log sample in terms of severity of sweep.