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LOGCLogistics Center
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Se indican los valores de la pendiente (z), la constante (C), el coeficiente de regresion, la significacion estadistica, y el AIC del modelo de regresion (log S = logc + zlogA).
log ([B.sub.11]/[B.sub.12]) = alog ([R.sub.11]/[R.sub.22]) + logc + logd (2)
Keerthi and Lin [11] have difficulty in deciding the range of logC for the computation of c in the first step.
The regression equation is: [DELTA]F = 33.7 X logC " 12.2 (C is the concentration of thrombin, [10.sup.-10] mol/L; r = 0.9987).
logC Fig (6), suggesting that the adsorption of the compounds from sulfuric acid on mild steel surface follows Langmuir adsorption isotherm.
At the core of the new TRADOC organization were three mid-level "integrating centers" for combat developments: the Combined Arms Center (CAC) at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas; the Logistics Center (LOGC) at Fort Lee; and the Administration Center (ADMINCEN) at Fort Benjamin Harrison, Indiana.
These models gave us a general relation: m = A logC + b.
[Delta]logC=-0.290[(logC - log C*).sub.-1], +0.1939 [Delta] logW - 0.9033 [Delta]Urate+GST dummies
* LogicBio Therapeutics, Inc.(NASDAQ: LOGC) rose 9.6% to $10.50.
Figure 3 was made with [I.sub.3]/[I.sub.1] as the Y-axis and logC as the X-axis, and an inflection point was shown by value of logC.
Since, on the other hand, the logarithm of a product of m components is equal to the sum of the logarithms of all the components (i.e., log(A x B x C x ...x Z) = logA + logB + logC +...+ logZ), in case of the multiplicative "Gestaltungsprinciple", the logarithms of all the random variables now take the same role of random variables that are taken for a additive principle by the values themselves.