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LUNLundi (French: Monday)
LUNLogical Unit Number (SCSI devices)
LUNLunedì (Italian: Monday)
LUNLogical Unit Number
LUNLand Use Number
LUNLusaka, Zambia - Lusaka (Airport Code)
LUNLink Uninhibit (SS7)
LUNLink Under Name
LUNLudington & Northern Railroad (Michigan)
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A LUN is a unique logical unit number that is used to create logical partitions of data that reside on one or many physical hard drives, and is similar to a volume or file system on a Windows or Unix operating system.
They expect to see specific targets with addresses containing a target ID and logical unit number (LUN).
SAN appliances can provide secure LUN (Logical Unit Number) masking, enabling administrators to determine which servers in a SAN are exposed and have access to a particular LUN.
In addition, administrators of EMC's flagship VMAX storage array can drill down using VMware's console to see information, such as VFCache's relationships to specific logical unit numbers (LUNs), performance statistics and error condition reports.
The service currently has some 40PB of online storage for more than 9 million active users.<p>Derrington said that FileStore lets users add or remove storage logical unit numbers (LUN) dynamically without taking systems offline and without disrupting applications.
Since network-attached storage (NAS) systems are built from the ground up for file management, the administrative time and resources to oversee a large number of virtual machine files is less than what is required to manually assign and place those files on individual logical unit numbers (LUNs).
With traditional SANs, independent storage arrays are allocated into unique logical unit numbers (LUNs) of fixed size, which are allocated to individual servers.
The virtualisation appliances have allowed In Demand to create a single domain name space across all 300TB of capacity, so that applications no longer need dedicated logical unit numbers (LUN), but can expand capacity and performance on demand.
Among its added features are support for Microsoft clustering, for smoother failover of Microsoft Windows Server cluster nodes, and the ability to replicate virtual provisioned LUNs (logical unit numbers) on EMC's Clariion networked storage systems.<p>NetWorker, version 7.5, and Data Protection Advisor, version 5.0, will be generally available starting Dec.
For example, an 80-GB disk can be sliced into eight separate 10-GB LUNs (logical unit numbers).
<p>Storage for open systems is presented through logical unit numbers (LUN) or volumes that a storage system carves out of a RAID array group of physical disk drives and presents to the application.
* The Fibre Channel RAID storage LUNs (Logical Unit Numbers representing individual partitions of the RAID storage) intended for use with the IP SAN will not be shared with another host or storage provisioning appliance