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LVLet Vibrate (handbells)
LVLunch Voucher
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In a typical IP SAN configuration, the backup software instructs client servers to send backup data to logical volumes presented by a storage-provisioning appliance over a dedicated gigabit Ethernet SAN.
ActiveImage Protector Linux Edition supports backup of the Linux Logical Volume Manager (LVM) as well as volume type backups which facilitates disaster recovery in enterprise environments.
One solution for addressing the challenge of aggregating and managing capacity from multiple SAN-based devices is one already deployed in many end-user environments: the host-based logical volume manager (LVM).
In addition, Turbolinux 7 Server supports Logical Volume Manager (LVM), which provides flexible disk volume management.
Typically, this will include volume setup to determine the physical configuration, logical volume management based on your storage capacity, device configuration to establish whether you're using disk or tape, and the connection method--which in this case is iSCSI.
In addition, Shoreline uses the IP SAN's logical volume management capability to create a separate volume for each server, which to the server now appears as a locally attached disk.
Linux has long had much of these volume and RAID management functionalities using the Logical Volume Manager (LVM) to configure volumes and Disk Druid to configure RAID volumes.