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LOHLoss of Heterozygosity
LOHLadies Of Harley
LOHLate-Onset Hypogonadism
LOHLiturgy of the Hours (religious practice)
LOHLocal Overload Handler
LOHLebanon Opera House (Lebanon, NH)
LOHLine Overhead
LOHLight Observation Helicopter
LOHLegion of Honor
LOHLarge Object Heap
LOHLabor and Overhead
LOHLoop of Henle (kidney nephron)
LOHLay on Hands (Paladin ability; Everquest game)
LOHLegend of Heroes (gaming)
LOHLady of the House
LOHLots of Hugs
LOHLoss Of Hire (shipping)
LOHLegion of Havok (gaming)
LOHLive Open House (virtual real estate network)
LOHLine Off Hook
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the National Federation of Asian American United Methodists, Loh curated
Presented by Alliance Francaise de Manille and the Independent Philippines Art Ventures, the Loh recital showed excellent collaboration with brilliant flutist John Owen Castro.
The LOH analyses at 4q, 6q, 7q, 8p, 9p, 14q, and 17p were performed with at least two polymorphic microsatellite markers so that more than 90% of the analyzed cases were informative at each analyzed chromosomal arm.
See Final Entry on Page 28 for an interview with Experienced Leader and Trailblazer award winner Loh.
I think you'll find that most automakers at least will have the option for these systems in place," says Loh, "so they can offer it as a way to increase safety and enhance revenue, without pricing the customer who doesn't want it or can't afford it out of the market.
Sugar snap pea salad The design of Pak Loh Chiu Chow restaurant is a sparing celebration of soft palettes, feminine curves, and 1960s Hong Kong.
Loh said this was partly due to gender inequality in the workplace, with women being paid less and being less likely to be in a senior position.
No other wild or domestic ungulates were present in the 11 study sites except for feral horses Equus caballus at Loh Buaya.
Consultant neuro anaesthetist Dr Will Loh had the idea to use the iPads after seeing a patient struggling to hold a pallet computers.
According to Edith Cowan University school of psychology and social science senior lecturer Dr Jennifer Loh, while women often had to deal with more negative behaviour than men, men reacted by withdrawing.
In a statement, Dr Loh said, "The patient is currently struggling against the odds, and fighting for her life.