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These traits include average daily gain of more than 850 g/d, feed conversion ratio of less than 2.50, backfat thickness of less than 1.0 cm, and loin eye area (TEA) of larger than 37 [cm.sup.2] [9].
Loin eye area is the most useful technique used to indicate the amount muscle obtained from the total carcass of meat animals.
The loin eye area (LEA) was determined from a cross-section between the 12th and the 13th thoracic vertebrae of the left half of the cooled carcass.
The two primary measurements that indicate desired qualities in a market hog are backfat thickness and loin eye area. The loin eye is the muscle in the loin region that gives rise to the pork chop product.
These segments of the industry supply chain determine what constitutes meat quality of carcasses and, ultimately, their value based on a multitude of factors including lean maturity, bone maturity, lean color, marbling, loin eye area, and subcutaneous fat thickness.
The loin eye area was measured in the in the longissimus dorsi muscle by sectioning the halfcarcass between the 12nd and 13rd ribs.
The comment behind the three Expected 10th rib loin eye area inputs is shown in Figure 15-8.
A loin eye area was measured behind the last thoracic vertebra.
It also assesses the loin eye area of each animal, by means of overlay the perimeter of the muscle, in parchment paper, which then was bounded by planimetry with the use of the software AutoCAD R14.
A transversal cut between the 12th and 13th rib exposed the Longissimus muscle of the left half-carcass and determine the loin eye area (LEA).
Backfat thickness and loin eye area were measured according to the protocol described by Chen and Wang (1997).