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LOLITALanguage for the On-Line Investigation and Transformation of Abstractions
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Lolita said: "I've had to set and watch her twice crash and it really upset me.
The documents also revealed that Lolita established a profile that outsized other typical Cabinet secretary's spouses, including making decisions on who were to be invited to a town hall hosted by the conservative Young America's Foundation for her husband on April.
5) Trata-se, evidentemente, de uma construcao esquematica, e pode ser util o recurso a caracterizacao feita por Hal Foster (1996: 29-32) da relacao entre as vanguardas historicas e as neovanguardas relativamente contemporaneas de Lolita a partir do conceito freudiano de retroacao (Nachtraglichkeit): de acordo com Foster, e a propria existencia das neovanguardas que permite identificar a posteriori o sentido historico das vanguardas, que sao assim ressignificadas pela acentuacao e complexificacao de sua critica a instituicao arte.
As this chronological account of Nabokov's American years unfolds with exacting detail, Roper traces how the idea for Lolita began to percolate in the writer's mind.
Lolita de la Colina incluso ha sido victima del plagio--como ha denunciado valientemente en fechas recientes--, cuando la cancionista Lila Deneken le pide una letra para una musica del ya desaparecido Bebu Silvetti y, casi sobre las rodillas, De la Colina le escribe "Por cobardia", sin pensar que Deneken la registraria bajo su nombre y consciente de que podria convertirse en el exito que indudablemente fue.
Having followed Unamuno on this aspect, the problem emerges when Perez-Reverte introduces the main female character of his novel, Lolita Palma.
Because of Don Diego's deceptions a poignant, ironic love scene can occur between him and Lolita.
The term Lolita comes from the famous fictional work by Nabokov (1958, first published in Paris in 1955), detailing the story of a middle-aged pedophile, Humbert Humbert, in his corruption of 12-yearold Dolores Haze, the Lolita of the title, his stepdaughter.
Lolita is a registered trademark of Tracy Healy and Designs by Lolita.
Je pense par exemple aux otaku a Akihabara, aux gyaru a Shibuya, aux lolita a Harajuku et Shinjuku et les angura a Shinjuku.
At the same time, other scholars offered a high-culture reading of Lolita as amoral; that is, as steadfastly refusing to accept "bourgeois" valuations of virtue and vice, which find themselves brilliantly parodied in the "McGuffey-like moral" John Ray Jr.