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LPHALocal Public Health Agency
LPHALicensed Practitioner of the Healing Arts
LPHALocal Public Health Association (Saint Paul, MN)
LPHALondon Port Health Authority (est. 1872; Department of Environmental Services)
LPHALimb-Pelvis Hypoplasia/Aplasia (skeletal malformation)
LPHALocal Public Housing Authority (various locations)
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The city of London Port Health Authority is based at the Port of Tilbury, located about 35 miles east of London on the River Thames.
I had some unique experiences, including interaction with London Port Health Authority Environmental Health Officers Christine Connolly, Peter Skelton, and Scott McElwaine, who took me up and down the Thames River on their launch (boat) while explaining the work that they did with the vessels and associated facilities along the river.
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