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LATSLos Angeles Times Syndicate
LATSLos Alamitos (63rd RRC, Los Alamitos Reserve Base)
LATSLWIR Advanced Technology Seeker
LATSLow Altitude Threat Simulator (aerospace)
LATSLoop Access Test System (Hekimian)
LATSLarge Aperture Tracking System
LATSLDEF Assembly and Transport System
LATSLong Arm Thumb Spica (cast immobilizing thumb, wrist, and elbow)
LATSLDEF (Long Duration Exposure Facility) Assembly and Transportation System (US NASA)
LATSLangley Research Center Telecommunications System (NASA)
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Go to the doctor a few days later and get diagnosed with a non-displaced scaphoid fracture which has a recommended treatment of six weeks with a long arm thumb spica cast, followed by a short arm thumb spica cast for an additional six weeks.