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LERLesão por Esforço Repetitivo (Portuguese: Repetitive Strain Injury)
LERLabel Edge Router
LERLong Eye Relief (optics)
LERLaw Enforcement Ranger
LERLebensgestaltung Ethik Religionskunde (German: Design life of Ethics Religious Studies)
LERLink Error Rate
LERLeast Error Rate
LERLevel Error Rate
LERLine Edge Roughness (semiconductor fabrication)
LERLand Equivalent Ratio
LERLuminaire Efficiency Rating (lighting)
LERLuminaire Efficacy Rating
LERLight Emitting Resistor (a resistor burning up)
LERLicensee Event Report
LERLeaf Elongation Rate (botany)
LERLicensing Economics Review (newsletter)
LERLabyrinth Excluder Ring (engineering)
LERLauncher Equipment Room
LERLoss Exchange Ratio
LERLocal Equipment Room
LERLuminous Electronics Recycling, Inc (Denver, CO)
LERLanguage Equivalence Relations
LERLocal Electrical Room
LERLaboratoire d'Etude de Radiopharmaceutiques (French)
LERLand, Easement, and Right of Way
LERLANSCE/Energy Research Program
LERLaboratorium voor Ecologische Risicobeoordeling
LERLepidoptera of Eretna State
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What's nice about Leupold are their clean lines, compact size, light weight, and long eye relief. You'll see many a custom rifle with a Leupold on top.
Caption: With long eye relief and a large eyebox, the Mark 5HD enables a shooter to get on target sooner.
The LaserForce also features ED glass, long eye relief, and is water and fogproof.
Explore Scientific's 92[degrees] series of long eye relief eyepieces solves this issue by providing 20 mm of eye relief with both the 12- and 17-mm models, allowing any user to enjoy the entire expansive field without fussing with their glasses.
A tremendous exit pupil size--10mm--and long eye relief of 95mm (3.74 inches) make for a very forgiving eye box, and the field of view is an extraordinary 39.6 meters (130 feet) at 100 meters when on 1.1X.
Long eye relief, turn-and-slide rubber eyecups and a rubber-armored exterior make the Monarch 3 user friendly.
The long eye relief design ensures a clear field of view without vignetting, even for eyeglass wearers.
This allows for the mounting of long eye relief (LER) scopes.
The 20-60X eyepiece is included in the price, but Scott also sent a 30X HD lens with a mil dot (hashmark) reticle for calling shots at long range as well as Vortex's new Long Eye Relief lens.
* Celestron has made astronomical accessories for years, but now they're turning their attention down to Earth with two spotting scope eyepieces—available in long eye relief and wide angle models—featuring our proprietary XLT fully multi-coated optics, and waterproof and nitrogen purged housings.
I'm experimenting now with turning it into a Scout Rifle ala Jeff Cooper's concept, and so will probably eventually fit a low powered long eye relief scope on the beast.
The 20-60x80mm Boone & Crockett Golden Ring Spotting Scope features Index Matched lenses with a Folded Light Path design, a light-absorbing interior finish, long eye relief and expansive field of view.