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LFNLa Femme Nikita
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LFNLooking for Now
LFNLongitudinal File Name
LFNLong File Name
LFNLow Frequency Noise
LFNLogical File Name (grid computing)
LFNLong Fat Network
LFNLincoln Financial Network
LFNLinder Farm Network (news network; Linder Radio Group; Minnesota)
LFNLead Flat Nose (bullet)
LFNLocal Fixed Node
LFNLibraries For Nursing
LFNLatvian Fund for Nature
LFNLucas Fan Network
LFNLeague of Free Nations (Enigma: Rising Tide game)
LFNLocal Foreign National
LFNLeventis Foundation Nigeria
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When I open a new file for editing, I use the mouse to click on its name in a menu, which helps me to avoid having to remember the exact spelling of the name and encourages me to use long file names that can be more descriptive and thus easier to understand.
Users of the Intel-based PCs will enjoy working with folder icons that represent real disk hierarchies, an ever-present menu for software, a list of frequently-used files, long file names, and a help system that can act out its answers.
Will Win95's improved user interface, long file names, better performance, plug-and-play, and easier networking improve productivity?
According to the IBM's press release, moreover, "Microsoft stated that Windows is not intended to be used as a server, nor will future releases contain advanced OS/2 features such as distributed processing, the 32-bit flat memory model, threads, or long file names.
CheckCite 2000 is compatible with Windows 95 and 98, enabling it to support long file names and take advantage of the newest word-processing software.
Macintosh clients can easily add HFS CDs to the SmartCD file system and access them using all native Macintosh characteristics such as long file names, spaces, and Macintosh icons.
Reference Manager is the foremost Windows application in its category, according to RIS, with property sheets, common dialogs, object linking and embedding, long file names, toolbars, and right mouse support.