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LFLLegends Football League (women's football; Las Vegas, NV)
LFLLittle Free Library (book exchange)
LFLLingerie Football League
LFLLearning for Life (Boy Scouts of America)
LFLLower Flammable Limit
LFLLeadership for Learning (various locations)
LFLLutherans for Life
LFLLong Flash (nautical/navigation)
LFLLike for Like (comparison of sales)
LFLLucasfilm Limited
LFLLoner for Life
LFLLooking for Love
LFLLoser for Life
LFLLot for Lot
LFLLibertarians for Life
LFLLady Foot Locker (est. 1982)
LFLLower Flammability Level
LFLLesbian Feminist Liberation
LFLLessons for Lizards (software documentation)
LFLLeft Fuel Level
LFLLined Flange (piping)
LFLLaying on the Floor Laughing
LFLLight Fighter Lethality (Army R&D program for course-correcting munition technology)
LFLLow Female Literacy (education statistics)
LFLLover for Life
LFLLoser Football League
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The mean amplitude of d-wave (1.60 [+ or -] 0.59) and i-wave (3.13 [+ or -] 0.64) was significantly reduced in the lasered eyes than that of d-wave (4.01 [+ or -] 0.56) and i-wave (8.79 [+ or -] 1.75) in the fellow eyes (P = 0.02 and P = 0.02, respectively) in response to long flash. Conclusions: Reduced OFF-responses are recorded in monkeys with high IOP when dysfunction of photoreceptor is involved.
As expected, no significant differences were found statistically in mean amplitude between the two eyes in the a-wave ( P = 0.29), b-wave ( P = 0.61), and PhNR ( P = 0.96) in response to the short flash or in the a-wave ( P = 0.88), b-wave ( P = 0.99), d-wave ( P = 0.80), and i-wave ( P = 0.10) in response to long flash. There were no differences in IT in the a-wave ( P = 1.00), b-wave ( P = 0.72), and PhNR ( P = 1.00) in response to the short flash or in the a-wave ( P = 1.00), b-wave ( P = 1.00), d-wave ( P = 0.42), i-wave ( P = 0.43), and IPT of d-wave and i-wave ( P = 0.42) in response to long flash in the normal monkeys.
Sweep time was 250 ms for short flashes in step 1 and 500 ms for long flashes in step 2.
But neither Winokur or Arkin spelled out how long Flash Player 11 security updates will be offered for smartphones and tablets.
Long flash wings added to the skirts are another Hawaiian trick that I believe adds a lot of attraction to billfish.
The Big Dipper firefly, one of the most common in Washington, gives a long flash while flying in a AoJAo pattern.
The major advantages of 100% solids spray UV, according to Chuck Gambino, R&D specialist for Bayer Material Science, "Is that there is no long flash time needed to dry out water or solvent.
Thus the weapons they have now allegedly destroyed would be purely symbolic like Armalites, machine-guns and flame-throwers; anything which would give off a long flash or a loud bang and thus cause a "spectacular" which would attract the attention of the media.
Yes like a long flash of light and babies to push out
"Our knowledge of the amount of the matter that collects around the black hole and the rotation speed of the star allow us to calculate how long these long flashes will be - and the results correlate very well with observations from satellites," he added.