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LTCPLong Term Control Plan
LTCPLong Term Care Professional (insurance designation)
LTCPLong-Term Care Partnership (Medicaid and insurance provider partnership)
LTCPLong Term Care Insurance Professional
LTCPLong Term Compensation Plan
LTCPL-Town Cherry Poppers (band)
LTCPLobster Trap Certificate Program
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For additional information from the Association call the organization's national headquarters at 818-597-3227 or visit their website where consumers can also access a variety of free online consumer information guides and be connected with a designated long term care insurance professional.
The organization has members who are long term care insurance professionals.
ALTHOUGH SOME LONG TERM care insurance professionals say the economic slump is slowing their sales, others find their exposure is limited because protection products actually look more appealing when the economy is in trouble.
"Simply do a Group search for the term Long Term care Insurance Professionals and request to join," Slome shares.
Slome spoke recently to long term care insurance professionals about the program.
According to the Association while most insurance professionals are licensed only in the State where they do business a growing number of long term care insurance professionals who specialize in the product are available in multiple states.
To help consumers identify long term care insurance professionals the trade group has expanded their online directory of agents knowledgeable in the design of plans and products currently available.
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