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LCSFALong-Chain Saturated Fatty Acid
LCSFALimited Contingent of Soviet Forces in Afghanistan
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Exposure of a variety of cell types, including hepatocytes, to long-chain saturated fatty acids led to increased inflammation, ER stress, and cell death [11, 15, 25].
The kernel and mesocarp lipid extracts contained 54 and 66% long-chain saturated fatty acids (LCFA), [C.sub.12]-[C.sub.16], and 76 and 66% total saturated fatty acids (SAFA), respectively.
It is a mix of extra-long-chain fatty acids and long-chain saturated fatty acids that create tactile characteristics, executives said.
In contrast with other saturated fatty acids, stearic acid does not appear to elevate the serum cholesterol.[11] It is not known why stearic acid does not produce a hypercholesterolemic effect similar to other long-chain saturated fatty acids.