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LTAPLocal Technical Assistance Program
LTAPLeaving to Avoid Punishment (gaming)
LTAPLocal Transportation Assistance Program (various locations)
LTAPLong-Term Action Plan
LTAPLeft Turn across Path (traffic)
LTAPLand Tenure Assistance Program (National Housing Authority; Philippines)
LTAPLightweight Trigger Access Process (computing)
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The commercial strategy included short-, medium- and long-term action plans that were performed in parallel, avoiding noxious mutual interferences.
Satyam's government-appointed board meets in Mumbai on Thursday, and Karnik has said a long-term action plan, including a possible sale, would be ready in the next week or so.
"Using their feedback, gaps in service can be identified for a long-term action plan for the area."
He said, "I will be asking the task force to develop a list of short-term action items and a step-by-step long-term action plan that coordinates existing and identified necessary resources to address the needs of the homeless or those at risk of becoming homeless." A year ago, Mr.
According to the paper, governments and the energy sector have given special attention over the last few years to the introduction of hydrogen as a fuel for road transport, requiring a concrete immediate- and long-term action plan for development and deployment of hydrogen vehicles and infrastructure in Europe by 2015 or earlier.
Now that he has determined that it can work, Gofforth is ready to hand the idea off to someone else for a long-term action plan that he said could cost another $50,000 to $60,000.
Henry Cleary from the Planning, Housing and Growth Unit at the ODPM outlined the `step change in policies for building thriving successful communities' that was called for by the Deputy Prime Minister in July, and the delivery of a long-term action plan by the end of 2002.
The authority has collated a set of proposals for the long-term action plan.
Although the measures taken so far against these groups reflect on that resolve, a long-term action plan is awaited that will determine the future of banned groups and of tens of thousands of their members.
In this context, he informed that currently, the institution is constructing the framework for the design of a long-term action plan that among its actions includes the creation of a Scientific, Technological and Innovation Diplomacy Committee, with institutional character, in order to maintain collaboration and dialogue between the National Government and the scientific community.
THE GREEN party said yesterday it was its "duty and obligation" to bring up the issue of a wider, long-term action plan to deal with the island's water issue.
Ministers from the Benelux countries proposed a long-term action plan in this respect.