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LTCILong-Term Cognitive Impairment
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LTCILaparoscopic Tenckhoff Catheter Insertion (nephrology)
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Delirium as a risk factor for long-term cognitive impairment in mechanically ventilated ICU survivors [abstract].
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Now a recent study reveals that exposure to even tiny amounts of domoic acid in utero may produce subtle, long-term cognitive impairment in rats.
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Topics include long-term cognitive impairments in heavy marijuana users, evidence that chronic marijuana users experience withdrawal upon quitting, the influence of genes and the environment on drug abuse vulnerability, the body's natural THC-like compounds, epidemiology, prevention, and treatment.
He told Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research magazine that low to moderate levels of drinking can cause "subtle, long-term cognitive impairments" in children.
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