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LTCRLong-Term Committed Relationship
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Thomas who led the research explained, "Not all people prefer long-term committed relationships. Evolutionary psychologists believe that whether someone prefers a short-term relationship over a long-term one depends partly on their circumstances, such as how difficult it might be to raise children as a single parent".
Unfortunately, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) can sneak into long-term committed relationships as well as new ones.
Same-sex couples in long-term committed relationships now pay higher taxes, and are denied protections and rights granted to married heterosexual couples.
"The civic partnership register recognises the existence of oher long-term committed relationships."
Doesn't this standard unjustly preclude gay people from having what non-gays take for granted -- intimate and loving, long-term committed relationships?
The professor thinks that such an enduringly terrible economy may prompt men to stray away from their long-term committed relationships and follow a more promiscuous lifestyle.
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