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LTDCLong-Term Data Collection
LTDCLearning Technology Development Council
LTDCLCD (Liquid Crystal Display) TFT (Thin Film Transistor) Display Controller
LTDCLearning Technology Development Council (University of Wisconsin System)
LTDCLes Troubadours du Chaos (French: The Troubadours of Chaos)
LTDCLoyalist Training and Development Centre (Loyalist College; Belleville, Ontario, Canada)
LTDCLake Taupo Development Company (New Zealand)
LTDCLombok Tourism Development Centre (tourism facility; West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia)
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Although each data-gathering project includes other essential aspects of inquiry learning, such as forming hypotheses, developing experimental designs, and communicating findings, I focus here on the data-related components of the activities, in the hope that science instructors might develop their own projects that emphasize long-term data collection over many semesters, terms, or years.
Long-term data collection at USDA experimental sites for studies of ecohydrology.
Zook says the resolution exceeds that of high definition television, and is good enough to provide long-term data collection for growth analysis.
"The DRA diabetes program includes a regional call center staffed with diabetes specialists, a centralized toll-free number, long-term data collection, television, radio, print, media, minority relations, community relations and faith-based outreach," said Lisa Bondurant, director of public relations for the firm.
Accelerated and Long-Term Data Collection. This track provides the infrastructure--including data collection and reporting tools and testing methods--for a future national program that will plan accelerated loading and long-term data needs, construct test sections, and collect and share data.
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