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LTDELong-Term Diffusion Experiment (Äspö Hard Rock Laboratory; Oskarshamn, Sweden)
LTDELearning Technology and Distance Education (University of Wisconsin)
LTDELong-Term Debt to Equity (finance ratio)
LTDELabour Technological Development and Environment (Suriname)
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The present study aims to investigate relationship between the financing patterns of business units (age of companies, company size, growth in retained earnings, growth in long-term and short-term debt development) and financial performance indicators (return on assets, return on equity, the ratio of net profit to sales , asset turnover ratio, cash flow, ratio of debt to assets, ratio of long-term debt to equity ratio) so that explain effects of capital structure on the performance of it structure.
In other words, by increasing the age of the company, long-term debt to equity ratio decreases.
In other words, the increase in retained earnings of the Company decreases long-term debt to equity ratio.
In other words, increasing the company's short-term debt, decreases long-term debt to equity ratio.
The company's long-term debt to equity ratio increased to 23.5 per cent, compared to 17 per cent at the end of 2011.
And long-term debt to equity increases from.5281 to 1.0188, a 93 percent gain.
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