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LTDPLong Term Disability Plan (insurance)
LTDPLong-Term Development Program
LTDPLiever Turks Dan Paaps (Dutch: Rather Turkish than Papist; 16th century Dutch slogan)
LTDPLong-Term Digital Preservation
LTDPLong Term Data Preservation (European Space Agency)
LTDPLong-Term Defense Program
LTDPLeadership Trait Development Program (South Indian Education Society; Mumbai, India)
LTDPLake Tahoe Digital Productions (Nevada)
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Because the focus of the book is on trusted digital repositories and long-term digital preservation, the implicit meaning of "trusted system" is not identical to that presupposed in records management.
On long-term digital preservation information systems: a framework and characteristics for development.
But the greater challenge of long-term digital preservation is interpreting bitstreams correctly in the future.
Society has a broad interest in the preservation of the scholarship and cultural heritage represented in the products of publishers, and it may be up to libraries, rather than the primary publishers, to place these materials into the realm of long-term digital preservation. This reality isn't different from the print realm where libraries and archives play the lead role in conservation and preservation, more so than the original publishers, many of which may no longer be in business.
(A snapshot of the Web site can be retrieved from the Internet Archive's Way-Back Machine.) Long-term digital preservation requires that authoritative information concerning digital formats be available indefinitely.
The technologies that support these activities include a range of digitizing and processing equipment, very large-scale digital storage, and the technical infrastructure to perform long-term digital preservation. I mention the Packard Campus since it is the division with which I have the closest experience, but it is only one example of the many exceptional facilities and resources at our leading, if not national, library.
The Open Archival Information Systems (OAIS) provides a reference framework for the best practices for a long-term digital preservation archive (
Our storage strategy involves keeping working copies of the programs locally on DVD-R optical discs and working with the Library of Congress for long-term digital preservation.
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