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Release date- 09082019 - Researchers at Karolinska Institutet in Sweden have investigated the long-term effect of hormonal therapy in women with the most common types of hormone-sensitive breast cancer.
Neurophysiologic and Long-term Effects of Clinical Hypnosis in Oral and Maxillofacial Treatment--A Comparative Interdisciplinary Clinical Study.
The Cilostazol: A Study on Long-Term Effects (CASTLE) study enrolled patients in 2001-2004.
'I think the licensing authorities need to assess all the evidence and we need further studies before we have evidence of a really useful long-term effect.'
I'm worried about the long-term effect. What is the cause of this excess acid and is there a permanent cure?
release of toxic substances) as well as a long-term effect on ozone depletion and possibly even a global warming potential.
The research suggests that meditation can have the long-term effect of reducing atherosclerosis already established in the arteries.
He added: "His father's death will clearly have a long-term effect on him."
An even greater concern is the long-term effect of a severe sunburn, namely skin cancer.
Study leader Dr John Zajicek told the British Association of Science: "We found some evidence of a long-term effect."
[20] Longer followup studies are needed to understand the long-term effect s of botulinum toxin.
While the fourth quarter 1998 capital markets had file temporary effect of panic in the real estate industry, the long-term effect of the capital market crunch has been to cause purchasers and lenders to align values more closely with market realities.
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