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LTKRLeft Total Knee Replacement (orthopedics)
LTKRLong-Term Knowledge Retention
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The current study investigates long-term knowledge retention of middle school students who participated two years earlier during sixth grade in a counterbalanced, interactive online and interactive face-to-face mathematics study in which ten mathematics topics which were part of the district's curricular plan (prior to full implementation of the Iowa Core) were taught with students experiencing five topics under each condition.
The current study examined the retention of mathematical knowledge two years after a series of posttests given in a prior study (Edwards et al., 2013) comparing the long-term knowledge retention of sixth grade (now eighth grade) students in face-to-face and online conditions in a mathematics classroom.
Long-term knowledge retention was collected before graduation, 18 months after the NEI (Time 3).
Previous research has already investigated and defined several variables which affect long-term knowledge retention in various fields of study.
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