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LTOLinear Tape-Open (tape storage technology)
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LTOLand Transportation Office (Philippines)
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LTOLong Term Outcome
LTOLong Term Operations
LTOLinear Tape Open
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LTOLimited-Time Offer(ing)
LTOLicence to Occupy (contracts)
LTOLimited Time Only
LTOLong-Term Observers
LTOLong-Term Operation (environmental safety)
LTOLand Titles Office (NSW, Australia)
LTOLong-Term Orbit (GPS)
LTOLow Temperature Oxidation
LTOLoreto, Baja California Sur, Mexico (Airport Code)
LTOLong-Term Occasional (teaching vacancy)
LTOLanguage Teaching Organization
LTOLettuce, Tomato, and Onion
LTOLicence To Operate
LTOLanding-Takeoff Cycle
LTOLarge Taxpayers Office
LTOLithium Titanium Oxide (battery)
LTOLand and Transportation Office (Philippines)
LTOLast Time Order
LTOLaboratory Training Office
LTOLogistics Task Order
LTOLanguage and Technology Office
LTOLocal Terminal Operator
LTOLinking Technology and Order
LTOLocal Telecom Operator (telecommunications)
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The conversion plans to shift fuel source and increase capacity first came to light in February 2017 when a long-term operation and maintenance agreement for the plant was signed with Northern Power Generation Company Limited (NPGCL) and MS Hydro Electric Power System Engineering Company of China (HEPSEC) for a period of 10 years.
At the long-term operation mode losses in PM are greater than the losses in the SW.
JDN says this ensures that all its products are safe for continuous and long-term operation in potentially explosive chemical atmospheres as well as the more insidiously dangerous conditions where high levels of airborne dusts exist.
In May, the company announced a financial relationship with First Element Fuels to support the long-term operation and maintenance of 19 new hydrogen refueling stations across California.
nuclear industry must begin to take steps to ensure that plants are able to operate for at least 80 years, which is called long-term operation.
Ray Lieb, site vice president, Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station, said, 'The new steam generators are expected to provide additional margins of safety and reliability for the long-term operation of Davis-Besse.
After a review of current research, they look at a former chlor-alkali factory in Kazakhstan, an abandoned polyvinyl chloride factory on the Mediterranean coast, the Madeira River Basin as a case study of land use change and mercury mobilization in the Amazon, the chlor-alkali electrolysis industry, the long-term operation of a microbiological pilot plant for cleaning up mercury-contaminated wastewater at electrolysis factories in Europe, and the microbiological treatment of air scrubber solutions from a waste incineration plant and other mercury-contaminated wastewater.
KABUL (PAN): The US-supported Surkhrod Pack House in eastern Nangarhar province, the first of its kind in Afghanistan, was privatised on Thursday to ensure its long-term operation.
0 digital interface provides plug-and-play installation and is combined with a set of USB camera drivers for long-term operation.
Since then, the Taiwan regulator has tightened its approval requirements for potential buyers including the commitment for the long-term operation of the life insurance business and demonstration of the buyer's capability to inject capital into the life insurer if needed.
These industrial PCs are available with the new Microsoft Windows 7 Operating System and are specially designed for long-term operation in extreme production environments, whether they are subjected to vibration, shock, moisture, water, oil or dust.
In addition, the facility will be operated and maintained by a joint venture company, Sembcorp Salalah O&M Company, which is 70 per cent owned by Sembcorp and 30 per cent by Oman Investment Corporation, under a long-term operation and maintenance (O&M) contract for the entire term of the power and water purchase agreement.
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