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LTDPrivate Limited Company
LTDLast Trading Day
LTDLiving the Dream
LTDLong Term Debt (accounting/finance)
LTDLane Transit District (Eugene/Springfield, OR bus system)
LTDLong Term Disability (insurance)
LTDLearning through Discovery
LTDLong-Term Depression
LTDLift-to-Drag (aviation ratio)
LTDLeft to Do
LTDLow-Temperature Drying
LTDLearning Technology Development (various locations)
LTDLingvoSoft Talking Dictionary (software)
LTDLogical Topology Design
LTDLife to Date
LTDLocal Telecommunications Division
LTDLocal Test Desk
LTDLogic Technology Development (Intel)
LTDLembaga Teknis Daerah (Indonesian: Regional Technical Institute)
LTDLeadership Team Development
LTDLong Term Dynamics
LTDLong-Term Desensitization (physiology)
LTDLecture Theatre D (various locations)
LTDLow Threshold Detection
LTDLaser Target Designator
LTDLove to Death
LTDLow Temperature Differential (Stirling engine)
LTDLocal Telecommunications Division (Sprint)
LTDLetter to Doctor
LTDLocal Telephone Division
LTDLight Toned Deposit (planetary science)
LTDLog Total Depth (energy measurement)
LTDLinear Transformer Driver
LTDLive Test Demonstration
LTDLogan Transit District
LTDLove Togetherness and Devotion (band)
LTDLeave and Transit Depot (Australia)
LTDLearning Technologies Division
LTDLinguistique Théorique et Descriptive (French: Theoretical and Descriptive Linguistics)
LTDLand Treatment Demonstration
LTDLanguage Training Detachment
LTDLimiting Throughput Distribution
LTDLogistics Technical Documentation/Data
LTDLincoln Traditional Design (automobile)
LTDLocal Transfer Directives
LTDLearnable, Teachable, Duplicatable
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Ca2+ signaling requirements for long-term depression in the hippocampus.
The observed differences in dopamine levels and long-term depression in a region-specific manner are also striking and begin to provide mechanistic details of how the molecular evolution of one gene might lead to alterations in behavior.
Moreover, endocannabinoid-mediated long-term depression (eCB-LTD) was reported in 2002 in the striatum (16)) and nucleus accumbens.
They are critical to the function of neural circuits that are required for inhibitory learning mechanism, long-term potentiation in the hippocampus and long-term depression in the cerebellum.
I have long-term depression, which he can't handle, and on holiday he threatened to dump me in public.
With unique access inside the hospital, the programme follows the difficult steps taken by Colin, aged 51, of Ely in Cardiff, to undertake a detox programme designed to break his dependence on alcohol and address his long-term depression.
Jones said Hamza's health is "deteriorating" and he is suffering from long-term depression, inability to concentrate and short-term memory loss.
by the Federal Reserve, then Europe will be condemned to long-term depression and quite possibly a revival of national hatreds.
BOSTON - Children singled out for abuse either in person or through cyberbullying are more prone to long-term depression, significantly poorer mental and physical health, and suicidal thoughts and actions than their peers who are spared from bullying, investigators said at the meeting.
Stern said he had been studying a form of abnormal function in the synapses of fruit flies that was remarkably similar to abnormalities observed in rats and mice with defects in a different pathway known as mGluR-mediated long-term depression.
Earlier this year, researchers published the initial results of a small study in which DBS was used to treat patients with long-term depression who had not responded to a variety of anti-depressive treatments.
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