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LONGARMLong Range Artillery Missile
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Finally, sewing machines have gone high-tech: longarm sewing machines range from $5,000 to $25,000, depending on whether one desires simpler features or "a full computerized system." (21) This is not your great-grandmother's quilting bee.
You can bring your unfinished quilt into the market, and Dragonfly Longarm Quilting Services "will complete your masterpiece.''
From handling corner triangles and using continuous connecting curves to piecing specifics, this is accompanied by a CD-ROM and comes from a longarm quilter who teaches invaluable techniques.
The wide ranging vocal line evokes distance, while descending melismas on the words "strumming" and "humming" seem to close the distance so that the stars seem "So near a longarm man can pick off stars,/ Pick off what he wants in the sky bowl." This lovely song could be grouped with other songs about stars or night.
Marine Midland Bank-New York, (75) which had announced a general rule that a correspondent bank relationship alone is not sufficient to form the basis for longarm jurisdiction under CPLR section 302(a)(1).
longarm statute in FSIA's legislative history, viewed the direct effect inquiry as an analysis of jurisdiction to adjudicate, other courts focused on the reference in the legislative history to the Restatement (Second) of Foreign Relations and its section on prescriptive jurisdiction.
The pistol -- with unlimited ammo -- is a necessity, which means you're really only choosing which longarm to take.
Factors leading to this homogenization include improved communication and transportation, a relatively strong regional economy, and development of the rotary cutter and the longarm quilting machine.
Washington, March 4 (ANI): New observations suggest that the Atlantic longarm octopus is the master of disguise in the seas, as it has evolved a unique skin system that can instantaneously change its appearance and make it look like a flounder.
Here we report observations from five widespread locations that the Atlantic longarm octopus, Macrotritopus defilippi Verany, 1851, when swimming on open sand plains, apparently mimicked the swimming behavior, posture, and coloration of a common flatfish, the plate fish (or peacock flounder) Bothus lunatus (Linnaeus, 1758).
Over a hundred such patterns cover all kinds of domestic machines, home frames and longarm machines alike and provide an array of quilting options.