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LONOLetter of Non-Objection (shipping)
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The Lono scandal must have destroyed the reputations of countless priests and increased the people's resentment toward the ali'i.
Councilor Brillante Inciong, the complainant, accused Yllana, Benzon and Villanueva yesterday of "excessive corruption" involving the issuance of the LONO - something that businesses wishing to operate a State-regulated and licensed gambling establishment must first seek from the Sangguniang Panlungsod.
Inciong said that on April 19, Villanueva approached him at the Legislative Building and allegedly attempted to hand him a paper bag containing "LONO money," which he refused to receive.
(11) Robert Borofsky, "Cook, Lono, Obeyesekere, and Sahlins: CA* Forum on Theory in Anthropology".
Hence, when Trobriand carvers capture the fluidity of the sea water or the snake during their initiation to make their own carving gestures themselves more fluid (Campbell 2002:59-66), or when the death of Cook is equated with Lono's cosmological demise (Sahlins 1985:104-135), parts of the interpretative mechanism and logical connections at work rest on particular semiotic ideologies that distribute likeness and relations, continuities and discontinuities across different categories and scales of actions.
Once LONOs are given to POGOs in these areas, there will be better opportunities for the sector to further grow,' Pronove explained.
Beluga whale diet has been described in Canada (Doan and Douglas, 1953; Sergeant, 1973; Vladykov (6)), Russia (Kleinenberg et al., 1964; Tomlin, 1967), and Svalbard and northwestern Europe (Lono and Oynes, 1961).
Did Hawaiians think of Captain James Cook as a manifestation of the god Lono (Sahlins 1981, 1985, 1994; Obeyeskere 1992; Hacking 1999)?
From pig to kukui tree to a manifestation of Lono, Lonomakua, god of the makahiki, of Ho'oilo, rainy season, Lono, god of thunderbolt, black rain cloud and Kane, god of ka wai ola, fresh water, the water of life.
A long-standing anthropological debate continues to rage about how to explain this change of attitude: had Cook been perceived as the god Lono, and did his return fall within the season of a new god, prompting the Hawaiians' wrath?