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LFMLast.fm (music community website)
LFMLooking for More
LFMLogical Framework Matrix
LFMLandesanstalt für Medien Nordrhein-Westfalen (Germany)
LFMLeaders for Manufacturing (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
LFMLinear Feet per Minute
LFMLateral Force Microscopy
LFMLa Familia Michoacana (Mexican drug cartel)
LFMLinear Frequency Modulation
LFMLooking for Member
LFMLong for Man (travelling)
LFMLooking For Men (gaming)
LFMLow Frequency Microwave
LFMLogical Frameworks and Meta-Languages (International Workshop)
LFMLactose-Free Milk
LFMLeft-Arm Fast Medium (cricket)
LFMLight Field Mapping (Intel)
LFMLangley Formal Methods (NASA)
LFMLoad from Memory (computing)
LFMLaufender Meter (German: Current Meter)
LFMLiquid Flow Meter (Christian Bürkert GmbH & Co.; Germany)
LFMLaboratório Farmacêutico da Marinha (Brasil)
LFMLycée Franco-Mexicain (Mexico)
LFMLars Friedrich Media (German media)
LFMLycée Français de Madrid (French: French School in Madrid)
LFMLanding Force Manual
LFMLean Forward Media (Beverly Hills, CA)
LFMLa Française de Maintenance (Vélizy, France)
LFMLongmont Farmers Market (Longmont, Colorado)
LFMLow Frequency Module
LFMLife Frequency Modulation (radio station)
LFMLast Friday of the Month
LFMLinearized Fine Model
LFMLibrary File Maintenance
LFMLocal Fault Manager
LFMLost and Found Ministries
LFMLight Form Modeler (laser scanner)
LFMLight-Flickering Mitigation
LFMLink Fault Management (operation and maintenance standard)
LFMLiquid Factor Molten
LFMLiquid Fuel Maintenance
LFMLoose Fruit Museum (band)
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DURHAM County Council is looking for members of the public to join the board that will help shape the future of social housing across the county.
After my former band The Knox broke up I started looking for members to create a new, more dynamic outfit.
POLICE are looking for members of the public to join them on the beat in Birmingham.
APHA is looking for members who are interested in serving in the Association's leadership roles.
The villagers manning the checkpoint were looking for members of a rival clan, state-run Al-Ahram said.
The West Midlands Police Authority is looking for members of the public to give their views on how it can improve the service to meet the needs and expectations of the region's residents.
Not long after the end of the 2008 meeting in Little Rock, the new Site Selection Committee will begin looking for members willing to host the 2012 meeting.
We are looking for members who would be willing to help on a one time only bases for any of these planned events.
We will be looking for members to contest future elections and to influence policy back home," he said.
The WNA Board of Directors, Committee on Committees, is looking for members interested in serving on internal committees of the association.
I am always looking for members to cover CARING sponsored meetings (both international & domestic) and LIVE web cast meetings.
We are looking for members to volunteer on our Membership and Education Program Committees.