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LFMGLooking for Mr. Goodbar (film)
LFMGLincoln Family Medical Group (Lincoln, NE)
LFMGLeft Field Muzik Group
LFMGLead-Free Motor Gasoline (energy)
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Y como ejemplos ahi estan Gloria de Gloria (1980); la viuda Alice, en Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore (1974); la mujer de doble moral de Looking for Mr.
If The Stepford Wives looks at women who are wives and mothers, Looking for Mr.
But just as men's castration fears don't necessarily suggest a desire for castration, Sielke acknowledges that the rape fantasies which infiltrate texts like Lois Gould's A Sea Change, Judith Rossner's Looking for Mr.
Most recently Albert Finney gave us a reprise of the homosexual as a desperately lonely deviant in A Man of No Importance (1994), and he is joined by the killers in Looking for Mr.
The slasher films of the 1970s, from the low-budget women-in-danger flicks to such classier versions as Dressed to Kill and Looking for Mr.