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LFLow Frequency (30-300 kHz; 10-1km)
LFLooking For
LFLine Feed
LFLebanese Forces
LFLarge Format
LFLead Free (bullet)
LFLittle Fighter (game)
LFLake Forest (Orange County, California)
LFLethal Factor (microbiology)
LFLoad Factor
LFLace Front (wigs)
LFLeft Foot (dance)
LFLife Fitness
LFLogical Framework
LFLeft Front
LFLoaf (street type)
LFLight Front (physics)
LFLife Fellow
LFLeapFrog Enterprises Inc. (stock symbol; Emeryville, CA)
LFLeonel Fernandez (Dominican Republic president)
LFLinux Format (UK magazine)
LFLatex Free (latex allergies)
LFLöschgruppenfahrzeug (German: fire department)
LFLuminosity Function
LFLinear Foot
LFLabor Force (economics)
LFLeft Forward
LFLoanable Fund
LFLive Feed (film)
LFLoi de Finances (French: Finance Law)
LFLeft-Arm Fast (cricket; also seen as LAF)
LFLive Fire
LFLymphatic Filariasis
LFLife Force
LFLiberation Front
LFLife Form
LFLeading Firefighter
LFLong Float (C programming language)
LFLoop Filter
LFLocationFree Player (Sony WiFi base)
LFLove and Friendship
LFLanding Force
LFLove Forever
LFLate Fee
LFLargest Frame
LFLaunch Facility (USAF Minuteman missile)
LFLadle Furnace (metallurgy)
LFLate Finish
LFLilith Fair
LFLight Fantastic (book by Terry Pratchett)
LFLine Fit
LFLight Fine
LFLight Face
LFLine Finder
LFLoud Family (band)
LFLocally Funded
LFLiver Flush
LFLucio Fulci (director)
LFLa Farola (Revista cultural de los Maristas de Alicante y sus alumnos)
LFLegendary Frog (Flash movie maker)
LFFree-Space Loss
LFLoud Fan
LFLissajous Figure
LFLutece Falco
LFLow Forage
LFLedger Folio
LFLogistics Function
LFLeft Field(er) (baseball)
LFLucas Films Ltd.
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where F(s) is the transfer function of the loop filter and K is the loop gain that is defined as
Because of the 10kHz loop filter, the clock noise bandwidth is limited, and it's obvious that extending the upper integration limit from 100 kHz to 100 MHz only adds a small amount of jitter.
It consists of the PD modeled by a subtractor with gain [k.sub.d], the loop filter which is modeled by a first-order low pass filter, proportion integral filter, with the s-domain transfer function F(s) = [V.sub.o](s)/[V.sub.d](s) = (1/s)(([[tau].sub.2]s + 1)/[[tau].sub.1]) to minimize the phase noise of the output of the PD, [V.sub.d](s), and a voltage control oscillator (VCO) tuned by [V.sub.d](s) to make the output phase [[theta].sub.o](s) closed to the input phase (s), which acts like a radian frequency integrator as a result of [V.sub.d](s) = [DELTA]wt + [DELTA][phi], and have the s-domain transfer function V(s) = [[theta].sub.o](s)/[V.sub.c](s) = [k.sub.o]/s.
Loop Filter. To get pure DC voltage along with rectifiers filters, the electronic circuits are also used.
In APLL, the frequency and phase angle of the fundamental grid voltage is recursively updated by the loop filter (LF) and voltage controlled oscillator (VCO) this is the main difference between the ADALINE algorithm and the proposed APLL ,the frequency and phase angle signals utilized in the ADALINE weights updating process are assumed to be constant.
[R.sub.z] and [C.sub.z] are the values of the resistor and capacitor comprising the loop filter zero frequency.
The second term includes the divider noise, phase detector noise, and loop filter noise, all multiplied by the division ratio N.
As a rule, loop filter is put into quadrature channels before phase detector (atan2), but its band is agreed with signal band.
He describes the operation of the phase detector, loop filter, VCO and crystal oscillator, and frequency divider.
Options include a closed loop filter, oil separator, rinse tanks, jet turbulation tanks and hot air drying.
The 2528 zero delay buffers also incorporate several functions, such as the on-chip PLL loop filter, thus eliminating the need for additional external components, and further minimizing component count, board space and overall system cost.
This loop filter allows the servo loop to have very high gain at low frequencies, but stabilizes the loop by limiting the high-frequency gain.