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LPBKLoopback (telcommunications)
LPBKLightly Printed Bleached Kraft (recycled paper)
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The LineSpeed 100G Ultra Low Power retimer leverages CMOS technology to address these challenges with the industry's lowest power consumption and highest integration, self- adapting receive equalization for quick connection and robust operation, and extensive self-test and loopback features for system testability.
a full-featured application for testing and diagnostics including BERT (Bit Error Rate Testing), throughput monitoring, loopback tests, and test pattern message transmissions.
Traffic actions include: Loopback real-time voice traffic (all received traffic is retransmitted as sent traffic), "Play to Speaker" streams voice of a selected call to a speaker, Talk using Microphone - allows the user to generate real-time traffic, Transmit pre-recorded voice files on the specified RTP sessions and more.
Pre-built personalities include mass storage, networking using NCM, wireless WAN emulation using MBIM, portable media player emulation using MTP and engineering protocols for basic loopback. Additional personalities can be built as Win32 applications using provided API libraries.
Leo Fitzmaurice's piece, You Don''t Say (Loopback), is on show at Oriel Davies, Newtown Nisha Duggal's Wherever you are in the world...
The implementation was first tested on a single computer using the loopback adapter (with WireShark monitoring loopback packets in the Windows operating system, through the Microsoft Loopback Adapter), then in a real wireless 802.11g network with 4 computers (2.4GHz Core Duo) as seen in Fig.
* An application for testing and diagnostics, WinSSD, which includes bit error rate testing, throughput monitoring, loopback tests and test pattern message transmissions.
Diagnostics include LED indicators, LCD display, dry contact alarms, and both local and remote loopback.--TC Communications
The LightStack MX offers other advanced capabilities such as enhanced performance monitoring, SLA statistics gathering, fault detection and localization, and local/remote loopback control, so network operators can offer their customers true carrier-grade managed Optical Ethernet services.
Canoga Perkins, a supplier of fiber optic extension equipment and cost effective CWDM systems, has added Loopback for LAN equipment to add to its arsenal of troubleshooting tools.
The next product will be the Pyramid 2500 RTU which in addition to the DSL capabilities of Pyramid 2000 also includes an ISDN DSL loopback test capability.
BER and speech quality tests are facilitated by the loopback method where the mobile telephone transponds the pseudorandom bit sequence data to the test set for bit error measurements.