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LORDLegend of the Red Dragon (BBS role playing game)
LORDLoyal Organisation for Rural Development (India)
LORDList Of Required Documents
LORDLate-Onset Retinal Degeneration
LORDLocally-Optimum Rank Detector
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[Just as he is going towards the door LORD CAVERSHAM enters from the smoking-room.]
[To PHIPPS, who advances towards her.] Is Lord Goring not here?
I fancy, Caroline, that Diplomacy is what Lord Illingworth is aiming at.
And I am particularly pleased that Lord Illingworth should have made the offer of his own accord without my suggesting anything.
Don't you WANT the world to take you seriously then, Lord Darlington?
I think we're very good friends already, Lord Darlington.
Wait for me here, while I make inquiries about my Lord. You have evidently produced a strong impression on him.
She has just expressed her desire to leave Homburg, as the place in which the vile calumny first took its rise, when the Baron returns, overhears her last words, and says to her, "Yes, leave Homburg by all means; provided you leave it in the character of my Lord's betrothed wife!"
Felton named Lord de Winter; the unknown would not name anybody, and pretended that it was to the duke alone he would make himself known.
Lord Fellamar (for that was the title of this young nobleman) was no sooner introduced to her ladyship, than she attacked him in the following strain: "Bless me, my lord, are you here yet?
Besides his town palace, the Marquis had castles and palaces in various quarters of the three kingdoms, whereof the descriptions may be found in the road-books--Castle Strongbow, with its woods, on the Shannon shore; Gaunt Castle, in Carmarthenshire, where Richard II was taken prisoner--Gauntly Hall in Yorkshire, where I have been informed there were two hundred silver teapots for the breakfasts of the guests of the house, with everything to correspond in splendour; and Stillbrook in Hampshire, which was my lord's farm, an humble place of residence, of which we all remember the wonderful furniture which was sold at my lord's demise by a late celebrated auctioneer.
'Oh, sir,' cied the man, gruffly, 'where's the use of talking of Bloody Mary, under such circumstances as the present, when my lord's wet through, and tired with hard riding?