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LORDLegend of the Red Dragon (BBS role playing game)
LORDLoyal Organisation for Rural Development (India)
LORDList Of Required Documents
LORDLate-Onset Retinal Degeneration
LORDLocally-Optimum Rank Detector
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LORD GORING rushes to the door of the drawing-room, when MRS.
And you threw me over because you saw, or said you saw, poor old Lord Mortlake trying to have a violent flirtation with me in the conservatory at Tenby.
I fancy, Caroline, that Diplomacy is what Lord Illingworth is aiming at.
And I am particularly pleased that Lord Illingworth should have made the offer of his own accord without my suggesting anything.
I think we're very good friends already, Lord Darlington.
You don't think it will rain, Lord Darlington, do you?
Henry paused between the First and Second Acts; reflecting, not on the merits of the play, but on the strange resemblance which the incidents so far presented to the incidents that had attended the disastrous marriage of the first Lord Montbarry.
My Lord not only declares his entire approval of the woman's conduct, but expresses his own abominable doubts of his wife's fidelity in language of such horrible brutality that no lady could pollute her lips by repeating it.
Felton named Lord de Winter; the unknown would not name anybody, and pretended that it was to the duke alone he would make himself known.
Lord Fellamar (for that was the title of this young nobleman) was no sooner introduced to her ladyship, than she attacked him in the following strain: "Bless me, my lord, are you here yet?
In the pride of her beauty she had been married--sold, it was said--to Lord Gaunt, then at Paris, who won vast sums from the lady's brother at some of Philip of Orleans's banquets.
I would submit, my lord, then,' returned the person he appealed to, in a silky tone, 'that your health and spirits--so important, under Providence, to our great cause, our pure and truthful cause'-- here his lordship pulled off his hat again, though it was raining hard--'require refreshment and repose.