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LHULondon Housing Unit (est. 1987)
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References in classic literature ?
Lord help us! the new generation is beyond my fathoming.
"Lord help us, they are perfect devils!" said Marks, heading the retreat down the rocks with much more of a will than he had joined the ascent, while all the party came tumbling precipitately after him,--the fat constable, in particular, blowing and puffing in a very energetic manner.
You'll hear U2, (So Alive), Nirvana, (Note To Self: Don't Die), The Smiths, (Anybody Wanna Take Me Home), along with TheRamones, The Cure, The Velvet Underground and, Lord help us, Duran Duran.
We sang praise songs displayed on overhead projectors, flocked to Amy Grant concerts, and (Lord help us) performed rap songs with puppets, using the baptistery as a stage in order to recruit kids for youth groups.
In all our weakness, Lord help us to see, and to write with love, and to remember above all to share this Way of yours that you have given to us as our only real and lasting life.
May the Lord help us to extinguish the outbreaks of hatred that develop in our societies, strengthening the sense of humanity, respect for life, moral and civil values, and the holy fear of God, who is Love and Father of all."
May the Lord help us overcome our fears and wipe away our tears, we who serve Him with sincere hearts.
LORD HELP US John's had enough of Alan Sugar And, two, unless you are JK Rowling or Steven King, you immediately get a sense of your terrifyingly microscopic place in the universe of books.
If we don't stop this man now, then Lord help us. He has even got councils trying to ban food banks.
LORD HELP US Steve Bruce shows his frustration yesterday
If the shooting of a five-year-old girl doesn't do it, then Lord help us all.
"Mr [Jess] Jackson has a great trainer in Steve Asmussen and I'm sure they'll make the right decision, and Lord help us all if she does get in." Whitney said that if Rachel Alexandra were still 15th on the eligibility list she would not run her colt Luv Gov.