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LJALija (postal locality, Malta)
LJALongmont Jazz Association (Longmont, CO)
LJALord Justice of Appeal (Court of Appeal of England and Wales; UK)
LJALawrence Johnson & Associates (California)
LJAList of Join Alternatives
LJALaunch Justification Assessment
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Now former Lord Justice of Appeal, Lord Lloyd of Berwick, will head the inquiry into Gulf War illnesses and question veterans, relatives and medical experts.
TWO church leaders, a Jaguar boss, an academic, a councillor and a former Lord Justice of Appeal have been awarded for outstanding contributions to Coventry.
Last year her father, Sir Alan Ward, a Lord Justice of Appeal, made the ruling that siamese twins Jodie and Mary should be separated, giving Jodie the chance of life at the expense of her weaker sister.
A NOTE from Downing Street informs me that Sir Igor Judge has been appointed a Lord Justice of Appeal. Sounds like the right job for him!
? Lord Justice Sales, who was appointed as a Lord Justice of Appeal in 2014, was appointed to the High Court's Chancery Division in 2008.
He was appointed a Lord Justice of Appeal in 1996, and was the Vice President, Court of Appeal (Civil Division) from 2006 to 2010.
The 63-year-old Lord Justice of Appeal will become the fifth chancellor of the university, and is set for a formal inauguration ceremony at the Anglican cathedral in May.
He was a Lord Justice of Appeal from 1983 to 1993, and Deputy Chief Justice of England and Wales from 1988 until his retirement in 1993.
A LEADING Liverpool judge, known for his part in the successful prosecution of murderer Rose West and as the judge during the Anthony Walker trial, has been appointed a Lord Justice of Appeal.
Though he is perhaps most associated in the public's mind with the Birmingham Six case, that should not overshadow his lasting contribution to the law as High Court judge, Lord Justice of Appeal and as Lord Chief Justice."
Sir Alan, a Lord Justice of Appeal, said of his tragic daughter: "These are excellent results and we are delighted."
28 Dame Butler-Sloss, Lord Justice of Appeal & Press, High Court Family Division