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LOTFLord of the Flies (William Golding novel)
LOTFLegacy of the Force (Star Wars book series)
LOTFLounge on the Farm (Canterbury Festival)
LOTFLand Of The Free (United States Live For Speed race team)
LOTFLearning Opportunities Task Force
LOTFLord of the Fries (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia restaurant)
LOTFLord of the Files (X-Files episode)
LOTFLaughing on the Floor
LOTFLilies Of The Field
LOTFLooking over the Fence (motorcycle club)
LOTFLady of the Forest
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The break can be fictional, like The Island of Dr Moreau or Lord of the Files, which use a mysterious island's constraints to examine human nature.
Cannon Hill Film Theatre splits the week with "Kes" U (Monday/Tuesday); "Lord of the Files" AA (Wednesday/Thursday) and "Antony and Cleopatra" AA ( Friday/Saturday).