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LOTNLord of the Nations (religious group; Philippines)
LOTNLaws of the Night (Vampire: The Masquerade game)
LOTNLandelijke Onderzoekschool Theoretische Natuurkunde (Dutch: Netherlands Graduate School of Theoretical Physics; Netherlands)
LOTNLegend of the Nobles (multi-user game)
LOTNLive on the News (Forex trading)
LOTNLegacy of the North (role-playing)
LOTNLady of the Night
LOTNLord of the Net (online retailer)
LOTNLegion of the North (gaming guild)
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It is of interest that both Amos and Isaiah, ministering as prophets in the latter part of the 8th century BCE, saw God not only as the Lord of the nations, but also as one deeply engaged in the history of these nations in judgment, deliverance and love.