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LTLuxury Touring (automotive model/feature)
LTLink Text (message boards)
LTLaut (German: according to)
LTLake Tahoe (California/Nevada)
LTLess Than (computer math)
LTLithuania (ISO Country Identifier)
LTLess Than or equal to (computer math)
LTLocal Time
LTLow Temperature
LTLife Threatening
LTLight Truck
LTLeutnant (German: second lieutenant)
LTLead Time
LTLeft Turn (Hyper Logo Turtle graphics command)
LTLook Through (Intelligent Jammers)
LTLanding Team
LTLeadership Team
LTLinear Technology
LTLooney Tunes
LTLight Trucks
LTLote (Portuguese: lot; postal usage)
LTLandtag (Legislative Body, Austria, Europe)
LTLeft Tackle (football)
LTLight Tank
LTLong Trail
LTLetter of Transmittal
LTLondon Transport
LTLine Type (AutoCAD)
LTLength of Track
LTLong Ton
LTLive Training
LTLaplace Transform (mathematics)
LTLinear Transformation (linear algebra)
LTLawrence Taylor (football player)
LTL-Tryptophan (amino acid)
LTLearning Technologies (various organizations)
LTLas Trampas (California)
LTLow Testosterone
LTLake Terminal Railroad Company
LTLecture Theatre
LTLinus Torvalds (developer/author of the Linux Kernel)
LTLevel Transmitter
LTLeak Testing
LTLucent Technologies
LTLow Tension
LTLong Tour
LTLong Text
LTLatest Thinking
LTLine Terminal
LTLast Trade (or trading day)
LTLady of the Thistle
LTLimited Term
LTLead Technician
LTLatent Trait
LTLower Tray
LTLindsay Taylor (basketball)
LTLakeland Terrier
LTLogical Topology
LTLive Trend
LTLadanian Tomlinson (football player)
LTLaundry Tray
LTLiquid Thinking (web integration, design and consulting company)
LTLogic Theory
LTLimited Too (store)
LTLashkar-e-Tayyiba (Kashmiri-focused militant group)
LTLong Transverse (raw metal piece width)
LTLung Transplantation
LTLarge Tug (US Army)
LTLiner Terms (shipping)
LTLeadership Trainer
LTLost Temple (gaming)
LTLatina, Lazio (Italian province)
LTLodge Treasurer (Order of the Arrow, Boy Scouts of America)
LTLaGrande Technology (Intel)
LTLorentz Transformation
LTLorien Trust
LTLifetap (MMORPG games)
LTLast Telecast
LTLiteFuze Transformer
LTLos Alamos Technical Associates
LTLufttransport AS (Norway)
LTLactate Threshhold
LTLong-Range Transmitter
LTLockout/Tagout Training
LTLaser Trooper (Star Kingdoms game)
LTLoudest Talker (voice conferencing algorithm)
LTLinetroll (Fault Passage Indicator; Nortroll AS, Norway)
LTTurn Left After Takeoff
LTLON-Talk Protocol
LTLubrication Threads (SAE)
LTLamar Transform
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Indeed, while Lorentz Transformations correctly imply each of them, there exist other coordinate transformations [13] that also correctly predict these observables [15].
The current consensus is that SR is a proven theory and beyond doubt; yet what is actually proven is that the Lorentz transformations work to describe certain high-velocity physical phenomena, when applied to the correct Cosmic frame.
Einstein's theses also discussed the Lorentz transformation of black body radiation frequency.
j being the current density) and applying the Lorentz transformations for space-time four-vector and for charge density-current density fourvector:
Einstein's 1905 derivation of the Lorentz transformations was based on the joint application of PLC and the relativity principle(10) (as well as the standard spatio-temporal symmetries).
This, however, is infeasible with respect to the Lorentz transformation in which relativity of simultaneity and relativistic effects are inseparably connected.
Baryons represent one of ways of elimination of the chrome noninvariancy under Cartesian and under Lorentz transformation.
2) in [2] was, intrinsically, obtained via the Lorentz transformations for the neutrino events of departure from A and arrival to B, but this was not clearly specified within [2], being the construction of the Eq.
Thus, we have a unit quaternion group PSL(2,C) (equivalently, an SU(2) matrix or spinor) representation of the Lorentz transformation.
The calculations of the previous section suggest that the Lorentz transformation owes its existence to interactions between free-space particles and the negative-energy PV.
That the Lorentz transformation can also be derived from the same assumptions is shown in a previous paper [5].