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The cornified envelope is composed predominantly of proteins, including filaggrin, loricrin, involucrin, and other proteins.
Expressions of loricrin and involucrin in patients with atopic dermatitis-like graft-versus-host disease and lichen planus-like graft-versus-host disease
Purified ClfB bound loricrin with high affinity and this interaction was shown to be crucial for successful colonization of the nose in a mouse model.
Loricrin is expressed in granular cells of epithelium and other keratinized epithelia such as gingiva and hard palate.
By additional proteolysis and sequencing, we have found many cross-links within involucrin and between such proteins as involucrin and desmoplakin, or cystatin [Alpha], or envoplakin, or loricrin and SPRs.
The molecular pathology of progressive symmetric erythrokeratoderma: A frameshift mutation in the loricrin gene and perturbations in the cornified cell envelope.
A positive family history may be elicited in only about 50 percent patients, rest of cases are due to spontaneous mutation of the loricrin gene.
Loricrin is a major structural component of the cornified cell envelope, formed beneath the plasma membrane of stratified squamous epithelial cells during terminal differentiation.