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LORNAList of Really Necessary Acronyms
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In court and to the media, Lorna Wendt presented herself as a kind of Mrs.
Lorna grew up in a secure and happy household imbued with the values of work, learning and developing one's skills to the benefit of others.
At one point, Mark and Lorna have an argument over their work - Mark demands of Lorna, if his writing without her input is so awful, what should he then do?
Lorna is an associate editor for Total Health Magazine and is an author and a co-author of a number of health books including The Immune System Cure published in six countries and translated into French, Dutch, and German, and she is author of the Canadian bestseller Healthy Immunity: Scientifically Proven Natural Treatments for Conditions from A-Z.
On the MMK episode, Lorna was cast as a thoughtless and addicted mother who ended up being hated instead of loved and admired by her daughter, played by Alexa Ilacad.
And if anyone should know what they're talking about it's Lorna - daughter of screen legend Judy Garland, and half-sister of Liza Minnelli.
I think people love the elegance of the Twenties' gangsters," said Lorna, who is currently designing costumes for the latest Sam Shepard play A Particle of Dread.
If Dehshari had merely wanted sex from Lorna, then he could have paid for it, like any other client.
Lorna's mother, Christine Vickerage, wrote on Facebook later: "My gawgess lorna has just been found i am so happy.
Police say convicted fraudster John Bush introduced Lorna to a couple as his daughter on Wednesday, the last time she was seen.
Lorna, 70, of Ryedale, in the town, has completed good works for many community organisations in the town, including Guisborough Town Pride, for the last 40 years.