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Ultimate losses = Incurred losses x Loss development factor x Claims inflation factor
During renewals the insurer will also use actuarial studies to look at incurred losses, paid losses and its loss reserves, and apply what's known as the loss development factor, or LDF, which corrects errors in estimating loss reserves and projects the additional expected costs for a group of claims.
The loss development factor for 1988 from 12 to 24 months is 1.
A completion factor is then calculated equal to (1-1/LDF), where LDF is the account's incurred loss development factor based on data maturity.
Loss development factors often come into play when carriers estimate the future value of current claims; there is also consideration for claims that have been incurred but have not yet been reported or reflected in the insured's loss data.
The estimate is based on inspections by adjusters and the company's historical loss development factors.
In the past year, working with Towers Perrin's actuarial department, Waterman and his team developed a database of public entity loss costs, loss development factors and increased limits factors to compare client loss data to ISO.
An actuarial report on the remaining, improved data can project best-case/worst-case scenarios based on an examination of your pay-out curves and ultimate loss development factors as well as industry loss development factors.