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LOBLarge Object(s)
LOBLine Of Business
LOBLeft On Base (baseball)
LOBLegion of Boom (Seattle Seahawks)
LOBLibrary of Birmingham (Birmingham, England, UK)
LOBLegend of Blue-Eyes White Dragon (Yu-Gi-Oh cards)
LOBLine of Balance
LOBLarge Object
LOBLinked Object
LOBLoaf of Bread
LOBLateral Organ Boundary (genes)
LOBLand of Bears (anime)
LOBLine-Of-Balance (project management)
LOBLaboratory of Biomedical Optics (Switzerland)
LOBLots of Blood (band)
LOBLoss of Balance
LOBLimit Order Book (finance)
LOBLoad of Bollocks
LOBLive on Board
LOBLordz of Brooklyn (band)
LOBLimit of Blank
LOBLow-Order Byte
LOBLazy Old Bastard
LOBLaunch Operations Building
LOBLost on Board (travel)
LOBLimitation of Benefit (insurance)
LOBLow-Order Bit
LOBLease Office Building (United Arab Emirates)
LOBLost on Base (military slang)
LOBLocally Optimum Bayes (parametric theory)
LOBLimited Operating Base
LOBLondon over the Border (Girl Guides Association geographic area)
LOBLoss Of Bargain
LOBLeft Out Board (locations of aircraft underwing pylons)
LOBLine Of Bearing/Balance
LOBLand Order of Battle
LOBLocal Option Budgeting
LOBLoss Of Break
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Also, the pain caused by arthritis may cause a person to change his or her gait, which may lead to a loss of balance. One study found that women with arthritis in their lower limbs had significantly impaired balance and mobility compared to women without arthritis.
While minor changes in its closing speed will typically not affect most, the elderly and physically disabled are more at risk for a loss of balance, a fall or an injury.
As a result of the device's failure, Pickett suffered hearing loss, tinnitus, debilitating headaches and a loss of balance, according to the suit.
* Sudden dizziness, loss of balance, loss of coordination,
Report had concluded that cellular customers are most concerned about hidden charges, auto renewals and loss of balance.
A voracious Gory Trying to challenge your glory Spoiled the innocent space Slapped the moon's face In no place We are still alive Beside hope's mirage Winning oblivion with nothingness Time still hanging around Exactly aimless Our globe swivels round And always feeling restless Pain is countless As the stars take to the air without wings The light elongates to a masked face Beauty dies in time As my city buried in lightless Justice possesses loss of balance It might stand up on two legs Shameless Freedom is wearing no dress Naked on streets Walking mindless The poor are starveling Our permanent address Bitterness is timeless Yes, hopeless Yes, useless Yes, jobless Yes, homeless Yes, our value is always less Never be God's bliss!
Bush has lower body parkinsonism, which causes a loss of balance, and has used wheelchairs for more than a year, McGrath said in an email on Wednesday.
"The measure has been taken by Canada due to its helplessness and loss of balance and proves that Canada is not an independent country," Vice-Chairman of the parliament's National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Mansour Haqiqatpour told FNA on Sunday.
A: Travel sickness is thought to happen when your eyes cannot keep up with the motion and this tends to lead to a loss of balance. Your brain receives contrasting information and the dizziness and other symptoms set in.
Associations were estimated using logistic regression models adjusted for potential confounders; associations with titne ro loss of balance were estimated using adjusted Cox proportional hazard models.