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The effect on the change in the inside air temperature during loss of electrical power (and, thus, loss of cooling) is investigated and validated for a domestic freezer and then extended to predict the transient performance of a typical cold store.
However, Britain's public broadcaster the BBC quoted an airport worker, who spoke to the pilot, as saying that the plane had suffered a complete loss of electrical power on the approach to the runway.
Loss of electrical power rendered electricity-driven water pumps unusable, preventing access to clean water.
One hour after induction of anaesthesia, there was a complete loss of electrical power to the anaesthetic machine and monitors.
The report also highlights serious risks at the Huddersfield Royal Infirmary, including a 50% loss of electrical power due to the vulnerability of the mains switchgear to flooding.
A second fault, between Northallerton and Darlington, which was blamed on a loss of electrical power, was reported an hour later at 12.
73 hours without electrical power, yet there were no significant differences in reported adequacy of their disaster plans compared with those of facilities in other locations reporting loss of electrical power for more than eight hours.
A false fire alarm, short-term loss of electrical power or a damaged telecommunications line that shuts down telephone or Internet service can lead to irritating standstills and lost productivity.
We are told, for instance, that one of the most likely consequences of a number of types of major terrorist attack would be a widespread loss of electrical power that would cripple large areas of the city.
These devices are fault-tolerant architectures and protect data from all types of device failures, not just from the loss of electrical power.
But the hurricane created other problems, such as flooding, mud slides, and the loss of electrical power and other services in the Tamaulipas cities of Tampico, Ciudad Madero, and Altamira.
The subsequent loss of electrical power caused sustained computer outages, resulting in lost data.