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Yesterday that figure rose to pounds 841,428 to include his loss of future earnings.
The 933 155 [pounds sterling] awarded to Browne represents aggravated damages, personal injury, loss of future earnings and loss of pension rights.
Today, Miss Boden will take the company to a remedy hearing where she will claim for distress and loss of future earnings.
Today Miss Boden was taking the company to a remedy hearing where she will claim for distress and loss of future earnings.
The main issue was the award for the loss of future earnings which the judge valued at GBP 3,854,328.
The compensation awarded is rarely just a financial bonus - it has to take into account the associated costs of rehabilitation, of physical changes to property for instance, the loss of future earnings and sometimes psychological trauma that can blight victims' lives for many years, if not permanently.
It also includes pounds 26,794 for three year's loss of future earnings and bonuses including pension, a period of time the tribunal deemed her career affected.
But in another twist to the saga which is still threatening to tear the game apart, Speed revealed that he has consulted anti-corruption chief Lord Condon about Hair's offer to quit if the ICC were willing to compensate him for loss of future earnings.
It allows patients to recover for economic damages such as future medical expenses and loss of future earnings while establishing a $250,000 cap on non-economic damages, such as pain and suffering.
Other supporters of the legislation, such as Mary Grealy, president of the Healthcare Leadership Council, contend that patients who are injured are entitled to timely and full compensation for economic losses such as future medical expenses and loss of future earnings. But awards for non-economic and punitive damages have spun out of control, as have the number of class-action filings, she says.
He is expected to claim for loss of future earnings, while City point to Haaland's absence from the rest of their 2000-01 campaign, which eventually resulted in relegation.
A growing understanding of the extent of discriminatory wage practices and the effect of the societal inequity must lead the court to retire an antiquated or limited judicial yardstick and embrace a more realistic and expansive measurement legally grounded in equality." Justice Johnstone then evaluated the plaintiff's loss of future earnings using the actuarial tables of earnings for male physiotherapists.