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LOMLompoc (Amtrak station code; Lompoc, CA)
LOMLoss of Motion
LOMLack of Maintenance
LOMLights-Out Management (remote management for servers)
LOMLights Out Management
LOMLAN on Motherboard
LOMLife of Mine
LOMListen Only Mode
LOMLaser Object Manufacturing
LOMLegend of Mana (Playstation game)
LOMLaminated-Object Manufacturing
LOMLow on Mana (Everquest gaming)
LOMLegend of Maxx (comic fan club)
LOMLegion Of Merit
LOMLegend of Max (Dance Dance Revolution song)
LOMLocator Outer Marker
LOMLeague of Micronations
LOMLoss of Multiframe
LOMLords of Mobtown (gaming website)
LOMLegend of Mir (game)
LOMList Of Materials
LOMLoss of Mission
LOMLeader of Men
LOMLight Optical Microscopy (image magnification method)
LOMLords of Midnight (game)
LOMLack of Motivation
LOMLimitation of Motion
LOMLegend of Mazzeroth (online video game)
LOMLittle Old Man
LOMLower Order Mode
LOMLeet Oliver Memorial Hall (Yale University)
LOMLieutenant of Marines
LOMLotsofmods (gaming site)
LOMLevel of Maintenance (logistics)
LOMLeft Otitis Media
LOMLunch On Me
LOMLean on Me Foundation
LOMLoyal Order of the Moose
LOMLocal Operations Manager (Bellcore)
LOMList of Modifications
LOMLeadership Ocala/Marion (Florida, USA)
LOMLeadership and Organizational Management
LOMLaw Office Manager
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Loss of motion between the cuboid and the 4th & 5th metatarsals (distally) & calcaneum (proximally) can result in discomfort to this area.
In 3 patients, infection resolved with oral antibiotics and in4 patients infection resolved after removal of K-wires.No patient had a clinically evident cubitus varus deformity, elbow hyperextension, or loss of motion at the time of the last clinical visit.
Glenoid loosening, instability, and loss of motion have been associated with loss of subscapularis integrity following aTSA.
A fusion provides predictable relief of pain from wrist arthritis, but the loss of motion can prevent some normal activities.
"If you're experiencing severe loss of motion, weakness and shoulder pain--the kind that interferes with daily life and wakes you up at night--then it's time to see a qualified orthopedic specialist," says Kumar.
It also is possible to develop what is called chronic tophaceous gout, which can cause joint damage and loss of motion.
Rita suffers from birth palsy, which causes weakness in her arms and loss of motion.
(1,2) A delay in treatment may lead to permanent loss of motion. As a result, early injury recognition and aggressive intervention is recommended and can usually prevent significant disability and permanent functional impairment.
Excessive loads result in the breakdown of cartilage, effecting a reduction in the contact surface and a loss of motion control.
This causes bone remodeling and change in boney shape and loss of motion of the joint.
It very slowly moves the knee, thereby decreasing the risk of stiffness and loss of motion," says Dr Prateek Mandal, consultant sports medicine, Moolchand Medcity.
Arthritis usually causes pain and loss of motion. In contrast, a torn labrum just hurts and can happen at any age, including your teens.