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When talking about the institute, some of these historians spoke in a whisper, as though it were an elite private club, and said that just mentioning the treasure-trove of Civil War photographs there could mean a loss of privileges.
The three prisoners responsible confessed and were punished with loss of privileges.
The county jail system, which held 18,425 inmates as of Monday morning, remained on lockdown, with restricted inmate movement inside the jails and a loss of privileges like visiting rights.
Detention, loss of privileges, all a bit of a joke really if you're an adolescent with a big head.
The loss of privileges meant he could no longer afford to ring his wife and he was described as "very emotional" and "close to tears" by a prison doctor weeks before his death.
The loss of privileges meant he could no longer afford t o ring his wife and he was described as "very emotional" and "close to tears" by a prison doctor weeks before his death.
Accept their position and be flexible - maybe offering the option of rejoining next year with no loss of privileges - and they may willingly return to the fold in the future.
The expected behavior is fairly easy to define and various organizations attach potential consequences ranging from loss of privileges, fines, reduced benefits or memberships, formal reports to termination depending on the exact situation.
Any comments during the "discussion" that appeared contradictory to the official doctrine could well be punished by "re-education" in the form of solitary confinement or loss of privileges.
Results indicated that adolescents from intact families and stepfamilies identified loss of privileges and grounding as the primary discipline methods used by their families.
Part 1 examines: sources of authority for school discipline; duty to prevent suspension and expulsion; grounds for suspension and expulsion; distinctions between suspension and expulsion; procedural requirements; discipline rules for various types of assault, gun possession at school, and gun conviction; removal from school due to suspected substance abuse; search and seizure; loss of privileges and community service; what to do at board of education disciplinary hearings; the appeal process; alternative education and home instruction during long-term suspension, expulsion, and removal; grades and academic credit; student records; corporal punishment; and liability for unconstitutional suspension or expulsion.
Other days, I get jolted back to reality, when I see the body searches, loss of privileges, firm words by officers and lock-downs.